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Problems with Imagebam

I'm sure that others have also found the same issue, but I'm having a real problem with the images hosted on Imagebam. While I can see the thumbnail images in the threads OK, when I click on one of them, the full image doesn't load. The link takes me to the page where the image should be, but the actual image doesn't come up on that page. It also doesn't come up if I then right-click on the broken image icon and select "open in new tab" option. There's no issue at all with the images hosted on Radikal, just Imagebam.

I've done some searching around on Google, and lots of people seem to be having the same problem. The issue seems to be connected with the new address they have been using for the past couple of months to host the images and, although plenty of people have told them about the issue, they don't seem to be interested in or capable of doing anything about it.

As things stand, this means that any images posted on Imagebam are currently not viewable for the majority of people out there. Is anyone else having the same problem here?
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