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Восклицание Need full access?

Welcome to HQCity!
HQCity provides high quality images of beauty, a place for quality photos of International and Russian celebrities, actresses and actors, famouse athletes and erotic models. In addition, you will find photo reports from various events and shows. The highest quality images of cars, animals, nature, sports, etc. There is also a special section with stills from you favorite movies, TV shows, sport games, concerts, and so fourth.

If you are interested in becoming a member of HQCity, you can donate to help us with payments for the hosting and the maintenance. You will have access to the site materials immediately after signing up and donating.

The HQCity terms & conditions:

1) GOLD CARD donates 75 euro to help HQCity with payments for the hosting and the maintenance for the 12 months period unlimited access!

2) SILVER CARD You can donates 55 euro for 6 months period unlimited access!

After the the HQCity Administrator receives these money, Subscriber will immediately get the access to the site.

We prefer payments:


Please contact whit me by the personal message for Paypal details



Please contact whit me by the personal message for Western Union details

Please allow few hours for VIP membership to come through.


If none of these option suits you, please, feel free to contact us via PM (personal message) on this forum. We will discuss the individual payment method.

Contact us:

1. E-mail:
2. by PM (personal message) on this forum.

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